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Faces Places
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Faces Places
A Road Trip with Legendary Filmmaker Agnes Varda and Photographer J.R.

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Comments (15)

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Anonymous picture

This is by far one of my favorite documentaries of all time

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I found it hard to find the context... I don't know these photographers beyond this particular project, though, after watching, I am more curious and want to find more. This type of photography seems, well, slightly intrusive in some aspects. But, it's sweet, meaningful, powerful, and unique. ...Read more

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Patricia F

Great film. I love learning about the process, physical & mental, behind what an artist creates.

Anonymous picture

I found this deeply touching and tender. The relationship between Agnes and JR, crossing two generations, is yet all the closer for the consideration with which he treats her. Yet he doesn't fawn; he is his own person. Their collaboration is unique and extraordinary. And their rapport with ...Read more

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Beautifully shot, and a story very well told. A really well done film.

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Dylan avatar

Agnes is one of my all-time favorite filmmakers, and FACES PLACES demonstrates she's lost none of her insight and wit after more than 50 years making films! Agnes was part of the Left Bank movement in Paris (along with Chris Marker and Alain Resnais) which was distinct from and yet related to ...Read more

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Enjoyed this film. Interesting interaction between the two characters.

Anonymous picture

wow! so beautifully elegant and poetic

Anonymous picture

Sweet relationship and beautiful photography.

Anonymous picture

The music: exquiste!

Anonymous picture

I loved this film, their relationship the beauty and simplicity of the art that said so much about ordinary magic

Ariel avatar

Loved this documentary - I found the banter and budding friendship between JR and Agnès to be enlightening. The film leaves you with the resounding adage - it's not necessarily about the destination but the journey (and the faces you meet along the way)!

Anonymous picture

Full of beautiful creativity and a sweet, humorous friendship, yet deep and raw at times too. Agnes Varda at her best. This had my vote for best doc at the Oscars, but anyway.....