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Haiti & Dominican Republic
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Haiti & Dominican Republic
An Island Divided
Part of the Series: Black in Latin America

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Haiti & Dominican Republic - An Island Divided
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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

I think his perspective is so American. Americans are simplistic and know little about other cultures. What makes his perspective American is the notion that being black creates a defacto brotherhood. He is conveniently ignoring colorism and also negates the casta system created by the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I think he was a little bias when talking about DR. The DR had to fight for their independence from Haiti, they were not treated well by the Haitians during their rule. Haitians wanted to take over not become one with. Just like two tribes in Africa might become rivals and despise each other ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It makes me so very sad, but hopeful for a better future for all.